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Does anyone can calmly sleep after killing brethren?

Let us remember the suffering Nasraye (Christians) of Assyria. They are being attacked by terrorists. They are living in the circumstance of genocide. No safety for them. They are being forced to leave their own mother land. Their daily life is moving in the boarders of cruelty. We shall remember those victims in fasting especially before the prayers of Madbha, before Holy kurbana, before our daily work.
We shall remember even terrorists with love before our Madbha and pray for them to be human. To kill our brethren is to kill the living image of Alaha (God). Even terrorists attack people quoting their own vision of faith. Does any faith proclaim to kill others especially the innocent. If so it is not faith but fanaticism. It is cruelty. Let all the democratic movements of the whole world protect the innocent people who are being cruelly treated by terrorists. Let our prayers and fasting and good message and our different sorts of share help them.
Loving brothers who are known in the name of terrorism,
Still, we do not like to call you in the name of terrorists hoping your return. We wish you Peace. Why do you kill innocent people in this way? Can you peacefully sleep after doing all these cruelty? We shall accept & respect each other. Please spend your power & money to do good things; thereby you will be appreciated before Alaha & men. How much money is being spent for terrorism even when there are people starving in different parts of the world? We shall be merciful. We shall love each other. We are all children of one Father Alaha. Why do we fight to our brethren? We shall live & let live. We shall treat & salute others with peace (Shlama). We are daily saluting others with peace and how can we kill others? Still we remember you in love and pray to come back to real Peace. We love you to see you as good bothers.
Terrorism is still being fostered even in the lands of Ahimsa too. The Churches are being attacked; the merciful services are being questioned. We shall stop even preliminary thoughts of terrorism. If it is not stopped at its first realm it will turn to brutal genocide as we see in some of the areas of the world.
Loving family members of the victims of terrorists,
Through prayer and fasting we join with you in your pain. Let the martyrdom of our brethren open the eyes of the world to stop terrorism at its root level. Let those martyrs be strong witness for us and let their presence before Alaha make the world merciful. Let us pray each other: our Lord, have mercy on us (Maran Esraham alain). Our Alaha is merciful to us so we shall be merciful to all. Our Alaha is Love so we shall love each other. We shall remember His commandment always, Do not kill. We shall stop all thoughts, words, deeds that leads to chaos and killing. We shall make this world a world of love which is created in love by Alaha, the Love.
With love in Risen Isho Mshiha who loves even the enemies, Mar Sleeva dayra.