One who accepts & respects ones own faith will respect others too. A true believer cannot be a fanatic. A true believer loves Alaha & Men. We shall live and thereby profess our Faith through love and not through force. Our Mother India is a land of religions. We shall move as children of one Mother in love and Ahimsa.We shall ask forgiveness for our wrongs. We shall forgive & forget faults unknowingly or knowingly happened. We shall always remember our rich heritage of unity in diversity. We shall not advertise small problems into big problems. when small problems arises we shall solve it as early as possible. We shall not make small wounds bigger by crooked statements. Now World faces fanaticism and thereby innocent bloodshed. Let our country be an example of secularism. Each one of us has duty & right to promote secularism of our nation. We shall promote love and peace and wipe away enmity & war. Lovingly in the peace of Isho Mshiha, Mar Sleeva Dayra.