How can our nation be called Independent country ?

India’s relief measures to bring up poor people especially Dalits are to be remembered with gratitude. But when equality and justice are denied to Dalit Nasraye (christians) since they are being Nasraye (christians), how can our India be called independent, democratic, secular? How can our nation be called Independent country while we still do not provide equality and justice to our own brothers namely Dalit Nasraye (christians). if we restrict equality and justice to some seeing their belief it is against our constitution, freedom struggle. once our forefathers fought for independence for all, still we need to fight for justice to Dalit Nasraye (christians). We shall be ready to provide justice to all especially to Dalit Nasraye (christians) who are being forgotten. it is their right as well as our duty. let our nation be model in providing justice to all.

Yours lovingly in Risen Isho Mshiha,
Mar Sleeva Dayra