Why Some Indians attack the other Indians?

Why Some Indians attack the other Indians? India is a land of Ahimsa. Here Religions respect each other and live together as Brothers and sisters. This Tradition of India is being attacked by some unknown people. At present they attack Nasraye or Christians of India who are the Indian followers of Nasraya Isho. As our Lord Isho says we shall first of all pray for those who hate us. Still we have the fundamental right to ask why we are being attacked by fanatics. Even the march for Justice at Delhi by the Nasraye people is being arrested by the police. It seems that no serious action is being taken by the police to the ill treatment towards the Delhi churches by the fanatics. But high parade of police was seen to arrest the Nasraye people who raised voice for justice.
Why people attack to the Serving Churches of India who are still serving people irrespective of caste, race, and religion? It is time to unite together for the Rich tradition of India where we respect each other irrespective of caste and religion. All who stand for this tradition of Harmony shall unite for the Secularism of India. Let all the Churches of India declare a day to pray for those who attacked our Churches of Delhi and to declare support for the Secularism of India. The silence of the government towards the attack is not a positive sign to protect Secularism of India. If India proceeds only under the label of development and disregards Secularism all are in vain.
Holy Kurbana or Risen Isho is being ill treated by those who attacked the Churches. It is shame to the rich tradition of India. If there is no secularism India is zero and if we promulgate Secularism India will be Hero and Model among nations. Let us raise the rich Secularism – tradition of our mother India. Let us all support and raise our voice patiently with our brethren who strive for justice at Delhi and are being persecuted by unknown people and even by police since they are being arrested while marching for justice.
With love in Risen Isho even to those who attack us
Mar Sleeva Dayra